Geographic Information Systems (GIS) & ICT Expertise

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Artful Cartographic Visualization

iMhere Asia believes data representation through maps isn't only about data crunching, but as importantly the layout that conveys the message.

Each targeted media format (print, screen, e-book, etc.) have specificities that can be leveraged to make the best possible map products.

Interpretation: population density (light ◼ ◼  ◼ ◼ dense) and infected ratio (◼ yes / ◼ no)

Spatial & Temporal Analysis

Flooding impact assessment and forest growth/loss are two of many examples of spacial & temporal analysis iMhere Asia can achieve using freely available products (LANDSAT, MODIS, Sentinel, etc.) or purchased imagery.

The analysis can be rendered on static maps, dynamic web content, or videos.

Remote-Sensing Interpretation

Classification of land cover and usage is another service iMhere Asia is offering to customers.

Interpretation: rubber (◼ green), dense forest (◼ brown-orange), settlement (◼ blue-gray)

iMhere Asia's Blog: Latest Posts

Random thoughts on cartography and coding.

Color Ramp Improvements in Upcoming QGIS 3.0

Dec 5th, 2016

QGIS’ handling of color ramps has just gotten much, much better.

Style Management Improvements in Upcoming QGIS 3.0

Nov 26th, 2016

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy improving the user interface as well as adding features to QGIS’ style management system.

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